war_widow: Dottie looks up, blank-faced but alert. She probably just killed someone. (alert)
war_widow ([personal profile] war_widow) wrote2037-04-19 09:22 pm
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Please check with me before interacting in any way notably violent (like, potentially fatal or very injurious), invasive, or intimate. If in doubt ask. As a rule, I'm not into smut, so if you're looking for that you're probably best off finding another RP partner.

I will ask you regarding same.

Minor threats, touches, etc. are fine bearing in mind usual godmoding courtesies (attempt, do not assume).

Dottie may flirt with, threaten, or try to steal from you (possibly all at the same time). Again I will probably ask ahead of time (particularly about the stealing) but if you have strong feelings about this either way, please post below or PM me.

To be clearer: Dottie can be creepy af (and do it as a 360 turn from being charming and goofy a moment before). If anything bothers you, by all means please check in.

Likewise please post below for any additional questions, concerns, or declarations.